2012 Second Spring Newsletter

TO: All Owners At Hidden Ridge                                                                                                                                   FROM : Jim Lincoln – President of Board of Directors
DATE : Sunday, May 16, 2021
SUBJECT : Second Spring 2021 Newsletter

Welcome back to Hidden Ridge everyone! Our Park is open and ready for the season. It has indeed been a tough year of COVID restrictions, but hopefully we can put that behind us and enjoy our part of the Door. This newsletter will help to remind all of us of some of the rules and upcoming dates to put on your calendars.

First, some dates to set aside.

Wednesday – May 26 at 10:00 AM – Meet at the Clubhouse
                       The landscape committee starts up. Volunteers needed for
                        spring cleanup and landscape work.

Friday –  May 28 at 9:00 AM at the clubhouse – Board of Directors Meeting 
               All owners welcome to attend.

Saturday – May 29 from 10:00 AM until Noon at the clubhouse. Pick up and sign
                 for your 2 new Fobs for the front gate and clubhouse.

Saturday – June 5th 9:00 AM – Hidden Ridge Annual Owners Meeting – On the 
                  grounds of the clubhouse and pavilion. If you are unable to attend
                  make sure you sign and send in a proxy that was mailed to you this
                  week. Bring a lawn chair. Coffee, water and donuts will be served.

Second, a brief summary of rules to be aware of and follow:
          – Golf carts, mopeds and ATVs are to be driven only by an adult licensed driver. Children under 14 are not allowed at all to drive in the park. From 14 to 16 they can drive, only if an adult is also in the cart with them.
          – Motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and pop up campers can only be kept on your lot for a maximum of 9 days in a row and max of 14 days total per month. This applies whether occupied or not. 
          – Any and all construction or additions must have a “Construction Request” form completed and approved by the BOD and a permit issued by Nasewaupee Township BEFORE any work can start. Tree removal also requires permission and a form to be signed.
         – All dogs MUST be on leash at ALL TIMES and owners must pick up after their dogs and dispose of the waste. 
         – Make sure you carefully read the list of authorized items that can be disposed of or recycled in the two dumpsters. Anything NOT on the lists you need to make arrangements to dispose of properly. When the leaf dumpster is spotted at the clubhouse in the spring and fall, it is ONLY FOR LEAVES!!! No branches, grass clippings and garbage of any kind!!!!
I would also encourage you to reread the rules and covenants and restrictions found in our condo documents. 

A safety notice. The Door County Emergency Services has a new method for notification of severe weather and any emergency situation. They no longer use the sirens. It is now sent using an APP or by text. The App is called Red Alert and is available at https://www.door.co.wi.gov/161/Emergency-Management or by texting “DoorCounty” to “99411” to enroll.

If you are still having issues setting up or using the Pilera owner portal program that Bay Property has set up for us, please contact Lana Pray at Email of lana@baypropertydc.com or call her at 920-868-3935, Extension 102.

Finally, I will be stepping down as the President and member of the Board of Directors after the annual meeting. I wanted to thank all the owners, volunteers and others that have helped me over the past 3 years as president and 5 years on the Board. It has been a pleasure to serve you all and I feel very confident that the next BOD will continue to run and care for our “Piece of the Door”. It is a unique and great place to retire, play and just really enjoy what this part of the Great Lakes has to offer. As always contact me if you have questions, concerns or comments, at least until June 5th.

Best Regards,
Jim Lincoln-President, Hidden Ridge RCA
Email – jimllincoln@gmail.com
Cell – 224-406-6326