Spring 2021 Newsletter


TO : All Hidden Ridge Owners and Family 
FROM : Jim Lincoln – President of Hidden Ridge Owners Association
DATE  : March 3, 2021
SUBJECT : Spring 2021 Newsletter

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly ready to get back to Sturgeon Bay and Door County and put the last 12 months behind me. I certainly hope that all of you have weathered the COVID-19 Pandemic and are looking forward to a slightly more normal summer. It will never be exactly as it was before the Pandemic, but hopefully it will be much improved over 2020. This Spring Newsletter contains a lot of reminders and items to do and be aware of for the start of the season and the park opening on May 1st.

 –  As many of you know, Sturgeon Bay Utilities has been in the park cutting down and trimming trees and installing new electric poles. This has been a major undertaking and will hopefully be completed by May 1st. If you are wanting more information or have concerns about your individual lot please contact Jason Bieri at SBU – email jbieri@wpienergy.org or phone at 920-746-2820. 

– The tree cutting has created cut log piles at many lots and the BOD feels that these logs belong to that individual owner and please do not take logs on another owners lot unless you have their permission. Additionally, a vast quantity of mulch has been generated and is on the clubhouse grounds on South Rocky Road by the new pavilion and is available for all owners to take.

– The Board of Directors has decided to reopen the hot tub for use by the owners. PLEASE NOTE that COVID-19 restrictions will be as follows for the clubhouse, pool and hot tub:

1) Masks are required except when swimming or in the hot tub, this includes anywhere in the clubhouse!

2) MAX of 4 people in the hot tub and 10 in the pool.

3) Social distancing of 6 feet is still highly recommended.

– The water from the North Well will be turned on by May 1st, unless freezing temps are still possible. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER FROM THE NORTH WELL until the mandatory state inspection is completed and passed. This should be by mid May. You will be notified when it is safe to drink. Each owner is responsible for hook up of water to their unit. It is highly recommend that you run the water at least 15 minutes before hooking up to your unit (running your water while hooked up fills the septic system causing additional pumping expense). Also you should inspect and replace your connection hose if needed with an RV drinking water hose. Each owner is responsible for electrical, phone, cable TV and internet. None of these are supplied by the association. 

– Some questions arose during the off season about occupancy between November 1st and May 1st (our winter season). Each owner can stay a total of 9 consecutive days in any given month but no more than 13 days total in any given month during the off season. If you are one of the “grandfathered” owners eligible to live year round, you are not subject to this rule. These are the conditions per our condo declarations and by laws and the only way that can change is by a 2/3 vote of all owners. It was never the intent that Hidden Ridge would be a permanent resident park, but instead that it is strictly a “seasonal residence” in every sense of the word. Further the units may NOT be rented out for any length of time, be it daily, weekly or monthly. Hopefully this may answer any questions about off season or rental occupancy that any owner has.

– Jim Grondin has asked that I remind anyone that had a storage parking space on the hill, that you MUST complete the form below and return to him by April 1st with your check for full payment in order to retain your space for this summer. If you don’t, the space will made available to all owners on a first come/first served basis. Please also note that if you have something stored for this winter and are not renewing, you MUST remove your item by May 1st. Please email Jim Grondin at facowee55@hotmail.com

– If you are planning any construction on your unit you must obtain permission from the BOD by using the Construction Request Form available on the HR Website. This process takes a few weeks and no one is available until after May 1st to start this process. Please email Jim Sawyer for more information at jjsawyer6@att.net

– Calling all owners that can and want to serve on the Hidden Ridge Board of Directors. Please complete the attached Self Nomination Form and return to Linda Wilson by April 25. There are two openings and we really need some new owners to infuse some ideas into the BOD. If you are at all interested or know some other owner that is, please, PLEASE fill out and submit. Term is 3 years. 

– As you know Bay Property Services are now our professional condo management company responsible for Hidden Ridge accounting, vendor liaison and most repairs and maintenance. You should have received an email directly from them to set up an online portal for a Pilera account that is for Hidden Ridge owners. If you have not or were unable to set up your account, please contact Lana Pray at Bay Property at 920-868-3935 – Extension 102 –  or email her at lana@baypropertydc.com . The forms are also available on our website.

And finally, some dates to put on your calendar.

Saturday – May 29th – FOBS pick up at the clubhouse from 10:00AM to Noon

Friday – May 7 – 9:00 AM – Board of Directors board meeting at the clubhouse. All owners welcome to attend.

Saturday, June 5 – 10:00 AM – Annual Hidden Ridge Homeowners Meeting – at the New Pavilion on the clubhouse grounds.

I look forward to seeing all of you back in the park after May 1st. In the meantime stay healthy and safe and as always do not hesitate to contact me.

Jim Lincoln
President Hidden Ridge RCA
Email – jimllincoln@gmail.com
Cell – 224-406-6326