New Pavilion Is Up


FROM: Jim Sawyer – Hidden Ridge Pavilion Construction Manager

TO: All Hidden Ridge Owners, Family and Friends
DATE: September 14th, 2020
SUBJECT: The New Pavilion Is Up !!!!!

The Hidden Ridge Pavilion construction phase is now complete.  Work on the electrical and landscaping is still required.  However it is time to thank the volunteers who contributed ideas and hard work to bring this project to this stage.  When you see them around Hidden Ridge please thank these individuals for their work in providing this structure to our community

Jim Andres                           Tiena Lohaus

Pam Blanchard                   Gary Lohaus

Jonathan Brecklin             Jeff Mico

Jim Conklin                          Dave Nussbaum

Nancy Donovan                 Dan O’Herd

John Egli                              Don Parker

Becky Fewell                       Mike Piechowski

Dennis Graunke                 Bruce Polzar

Jim Grondin                         Jean Sawyer

Ron Heim                             John Sawyer

Linda Kleisch                      Jim Sawyer

Herb Kleisch                        Robert Shapiro

Ellie Lincoln                         Dennis Warpinski

Jim Lincoln                          Mark Weaver

                        David Ziarnik