Second Summer Newsletter 2020

TO: All Hidden Ridge Owners and Family

FROM: Jim Lincoln – President – Hidden Ridge RCA
DATE: Friday, August 7, 2020
SUBJECT: SUMMER –  SECOND 2020 Hidden Ridge Newsletter

Only a month to Labor Day, WOW, that went fast! Three items to bring all of you up to date on and seek some volunteer help on Saturday, August 15 and again on Saturday, August 22. 

First, you may have noticed the foundation and forms on the clubhouse lawn area for the open air pavilion. We are pouring the cement on Saturday at 8 AM on both August 15th and the 22nd. WE NEED 3 to 4 more strong bodies with wheel barrels to help on both days. The cement truck can cover a little over half the area with its chute, but the rest of the cement needs to be moved by wheel barrel. Please contact myself or Jim Sawyer if you can help on either or both days? We are hoping each pour will take no more than two hours each. My phone and email are below and Jim Sawyer’s Cell is – 262-560-0624, email 

Second, the Association held our annual owners meeting as required on Saturday, August 1st on the lawn next to the clubhouse. Attendance was outstanding and despite the failure of the PA system(operator error – me) we conducted our required business with over 75% of our owners present in person or by proxy. Jim Andres was reelected to the Board of Directors and Bruce Polzer was elected as a new member. Both will serve 3 year terms. A brief review of the past fiscal years projects, issues and finances were presented to the owners. Additionally the next fiscals year budget and projects were laid out for the owners. The meeting concluded with the owners forum and the following items brought up for owner and Board discussion;
1 – Opening of the hot tub and a possible COVID19 liability release form,
2 – Need for additional laundry room and clubhouse disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer,
3 – Possibility of holding Board meetings outdoors so owners could attend and not violate the 10 person maximum CDC guideline for the clubhouse,
4 – Issue of children under age 13 driving golf carts and mopeds on the park roads and the need to not allow our owners to allow this,
and 5 – Additional trimming of vegetation round the park front gate as visibility is not adequate. 
I have added all 5 of these items to the agenda for our first Board of Directors meeting to be discussed. 

And third, some information updates for all of us.
1 – New password for the Hidden Ridge Webpage , the Resident Resources Tab,   campfire   is the new password. 
2 – Attached is the Volunteer Form also asked about at the annual meeting.
3 – The next Board of Directors meeting is Saturday, August 15th at 1 PM. It will be held on the lawn at the clubhouse, weather permitting. All owners are welcome to attend.

Final comments to be aware of the next couple of months. First, the front gate and clubhouse access key pads will be replaced before the end of September and we will be providing every owner a new access code and 2 key fobs. Second, Sturgeon Bay Utilities will be beginning a multi year project to replace many of the power line poles in the park. As the Board works through this project we will be communicating with you how and when this will be accomplished. And, third the Board will be getting property management proposals to hire or contract for a paid company or individual to manage and run Hidden Ridge operations. Again we will provide you updates as we move through this process. 

It was great to see so many of you at the annual meeting and I encourage all of you to participate and volunteer some your time by helping out. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer here at Hidden Ridge and Door County. Please do remember that Wisconsin is under a Mandatory Mask Wearing Mandate for any indoor public space. That includes our entire clubhouse, except when swimming or in the shower.

Jim Lincoln
President – Hidden Ridge RCA
Email –
Cell – 224-406-6326