Summer 2020 Newsletter

TO: All Owners At Hidden Ridge

FROM: Jim Lincoln – President of Hidden Ridge RCA
DATE:  June 29, 2020
SUBJECT : 2020 Summer Newsletter

As hard as it seems to believe, the Fourth of July is this coming weekend. Summer is half over! It has been a very busy year so far as we continue to adapt to the new “Post COVID19” lifestyle. Here is an update on how your Board of Directors has and will provide for our place in Door County.

Good news to start, we will reopen the pool on Wednesday, July 1st, with appropriate COVID-19 restrictions. Those restrictions are as follows:

1) Wearing of face masks is mandatory anywhere in the clubhouse, including the pool area. Obviously you can remove them while swimming. 

2) The hot tub and sauna will remain closed.

3) No more than 10 people are allowed in the pool area at one time and social distancing of at least 6 feet should be maintained. 

4) Showers will be open, but because of the social distancing only one person at a time can use the shower, unless they are are all part of a family trusted group.

5)Please understand that we will not provide policing of these restrictions as it is up to each individual to “self police” and abide by these rules. Further all owners, their families and guests assume full responsibility for contracting of COVID19 while using this facility. 

6) The Board reserves the right to close the pool and clubhouse without notice if it feels the restrictions are being violated or ignored.
Hopefully we can all live with this new normal and have some limited use of the Hidden Ridge pool and clubhouse.

Second major item to cover:  The Hidden Ridge owners annual meeting postponed until Saturday, August 1st at 9:30 AM. We will hold it prior to our annual picnic which will be in the afternoon on the same day. In order to comply with CDC recommendations of gatherings over 50 people we will hold the annual meeting outdoors on the lawn by the clubhouse. Details to follow on both events. If you are unable to attend the annual meeting, please complete and return your proxy as soon as you receive your meeting notice. Rain date will be Sunday, August 2nd for both events. We must have a 50% majority to conduct this meeting, either in person or by written proxy. We need your vote!

Finally an update on a number of on going projects and repairs:

1) As you are aware we are having significant issues with both our front gate and clubhouse key pad/fob entry system. The basic issue is our system was based on software and a Microsoft operating system that is now 15 years old and no longer current enough to run the system. Numerous updates and work arounds are not fixing the issue, so we are in the process of obtaining proposals and quotes for a new software/equipment system to update the security system. This may be as much as two months away from installation. In the meantime the gate will remain open and some individual codes may not work the clubhouse key pad. If you are having that issue please send an email to

2) Our clubhouse maintenance and landscape contract is close to being signed with Hill Maintenance. We will be designating a Board member to monitor their performance with one point of contact for issues and concerns by the owners,

3) The Board has approved a plan to build a outdoor pavilion next to the clubhouse for use of all owners. It will be about 16 by 24, covered on a concrete slab with lights and electric. Jim Sawyer, one of our Board members is heading this up and could use any and all volunteers to help with construction. Hopefully construction will be done by the end of August or early September. Please contact Jim if you can help?

4) Jim Sawyer is also our Construction Request manager and has asked me to pass on a big thanks to all of the owners that submitted requests this year. They were all done in a very readable and useable fashion. It helps a great deal to have the owners take the time to provide as much detail as they can on their projects.

5) The landscape work party has started up again for this year and can always use more people to help. It meets from 10 AM to Noon on Wednesday at the Clubhouse. In addition to care around the clubhouse and front entry, they will be weed-whacking along the hill, on top of the holding tanks and completing other landscape tasks. Eleanor Lincoln heads up this ad-hoc committee. If you can please again, volunteer to help.

6) A reminder that NO FIREWORKS are allowed anywhere in Hidden Ridge. Please respect this rule and celebrate in other ways this July 4th.

7) The Budget for fiscal year 2020/21 was approved at the May Board meeting and the association dues will remain at the $950.00 per year until June of 2020. You may have already received your statement from Kerber Rose. A full financial report will be presented at the annual meeting.

8) Plans are moving forward for a back up generator at the clubhouse with installation this fall.

I also want to thank all of you for your patience, understanding and support during this past year. It certainly has been very challenging year with numerous changes, back tracks and instant updates. I sincerely hope the next 12 months will get us all in a more normal state. I hope you, like I, have gained a new appreciation for “our little piece of the Door” and look forward to having it available to all of us. As always, please call or email with concerns, questions or complaints. See you at the annual meeting.

Jim Lincoln
President – Hidden Ridge RCA
Cell – 224-406-6326
Email –