May 2020 Newsletter COVID Update

TO : All Owners Of Hidden Ridge RCA

FROM : Jim Lincoln – Hidden Ridge BOD President

DATE : May 19, 2020

SUBJECT : MAY 2020 – COVID-19 UPDATE and Second Spring Newsletter

I wanted to bring all of you up to date on a number of items about Hidden Ridge, COVID19 updates and plans for a “New Normal” season. Let me start with the COVID19 update first.

1) The park is open, the North Well water is on and you can come to your place. However, the Door County Health Department still has in place a recommendation that unnecessary travel to Door County is discouraged. Door County is also still following CDC social distancing and other restrictions until May 20th at the earliest. The Health Department is supposed to issue new guidelines by May 20th about COVID-19 restrictions, safer at home orders and other issues. Please check the link for the Health Department below to know what these changes and new policies are. The BOD has created a small committee to develop and have a policy of our own restrictions and recommendations for all of our owners. Hopefully we can open the community room, library and bathrooms subject to social distancing and max occupancy of 25 to 50 percent on Monday, May 26th. We are not sure that will happen. The next step will be a “soft opening” of the pool, hot tub and showers once the Health Department says it is OK to do so. We do not know what that date might be. Please understand that we need to make sure we are compliant with Door County and State of Wisconsin policies and have to do a complete deep cleaning, post signs and notify all of you before we do any reopening of the clubhouse. We have opened the laundry room for owners use with strong restrictions to abide by social distancing and cleaning guidelines. Please note that the opening of the clubhouse is contingent on the county and the state rescinding their stay at home orders and allowing us to open. If they do not, then the clubhouse, pool, hot tub, library and community room will remain closed.

2) On Thursday, May 14th we held a Zoom BOD meeting, the first of the season. All 7 members were able to log on and we spent just over two hours trying to get the business of the association off to a start for this season. Here are some of the items we covered.
– Because of the COVID19 issues we may have to postpone the owners annual meeting – possibility of holding it in conjunction with the annual picnic outside to comply with social distancing.
– Budget for fiscal year 2020/21 was discussed and presented. A number of reserve fund expenditures were discussed.  We will have formal approval of the budget at the June BOD meeting which we hope we can hold in person. Despite some major unforeseen repairs this winter, we are in strong financial shape and will be able to remain at the current annual association fee level of $950.00 per year.
– A new maintenance and landscape contract proposal was discussed for Hill Maintenance and will be formalized and presented to the BOD at the June meeting.
– A review of the past years repairs and projects was discussed. The pool deck resurfacing and varnishing of the pool room walls was completed within budget. However we had some major expense replacement items of the hill well and water heater and pump replacements for the pool and hot tub. The good news is that some of those items were scheduled for replacement in the next few years anyway.
– We are having an issue with the electrical feed to the front gate and therefore it is being left open. We are having limited success getting an electrician to come and trouble shoot and repair. The gate will remain open until that issue is resolved.
– The construction request process remains an issue as we cannot make site inspections until the safer at home order is lifted. That should resume on May 26th?
– As always we continue to look for owners to volunteer their time and expertise to work around the park on various projects and tasks. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. The link to the form to volunteer is below along with one to self- nominate if you would like to run for one of the two board of director positions that will be up at the annual meeting.
– The next Board meeting will be at 8:30 AM on Saturday June 6th, hopefully at the clubhouse, although we may again not allow owners to attend for the forum dependent on social distancing restrictions. We will let you know.

– Some policies to remember;
* You need to register your golf cart/ATV – link to the form is below.
* With the exception of repair or maintenance you need to complete and submit for BOD approval a Construction Request Form – link below.
* There is a leaf dumpster at the clubhouse for your yard cleanup. Please, NO garbage, recyclables or construction debris. Leaves only !!!!!

I wish I could be more definitive about the situation with the clubhouse and COVID-19, but the events in Wisconsin and Door County remain fluid and ever changing so it is impossible to do so. We as the BOD will do all we can to open up the clubhouse and park and keep you informed. But, please don’t be surprised if one day we say OK to something and then have to change our position the next to remain compliant with the state and the county.

As always, I hope to see you in the park this summer, even if it is from 6 feet away and with a mask. Please stay safe and healthy.

Jim Lincoln
President – Hidden Ridge RCA
Email –
Cell – 224-406-6326