TO: All Hidden Ridge Owners

FROM: Jim Lincoln – Hidden Ridge BOD President
DATE: Saturday, April 18, 2020
SUBJECT: COVID-19 Update And Park Opening – April 2020 Spring Newsletter


I wish I could begin on a positive note and say that we are only 2 weeks from opening Hidden Ridge to a new season in Door County and all it has to offer, but that is not the case. COVID-19 and both Wisconsin and Door County “Stay at Home” orders are still in effect until at least May 26th. This has a number of major impacts on all of us being able to return and use our park. I will address what restrictions and guidelines we must all abide by and then briefly cover some other Hidden Ridge items.

First and foremost – The entire Clubhouse will be closed starting today and until at least May 26th, or a date set by the State of Wisconsin. This means that there will be no access to the pool, hot tub, showers, bathrooms, community TV/Internet room, library or laundry room. In other words all doors will be locked and no one can use the clubhouse except for repairs or access to Hidden Ridge computers and gate security systems.

Second – Please read the statement from the Door County Health Department strongly recommending that seasonal residents NOT come back to Door County at this time. A link to that statement is attached below. If you do return you are obligated under the Travel Restrictions imposed by the Stay at Home Order to “self isolate” for 14 days and you are not to go out for food, drugs or gasoline during that 14 day period. 

Third – We are suspending the process of Construction Requests and Approval until May 26th. You may make repairs as needed that do not require any BOD approval, but no addition or other projects will be allowed until the park is open completely on May 26th. 

Fourth – Please follow the social distances guidelines of 6 feet apart at the mail box and trash dumpsters. It is also recommended that you use a face mask whenever you are outside away from your unit and lot. It is recommended that you carry disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer to use after you use the key pad or mail box at the front gate. 

I think that covers our current restrictions and recommendations for the COVID-19 Pandemic situation at Hidden Ridge. I do not take lightly that we have to impose these, but do so for the safety and health of all of us. I insist that none of us are to become policeman/woman. It is for each of us to follow these guidelines for ourselves. If anyone has questions, concerns or comments about this, please contact me directly.

Now to the Hidden Ridge Park opening. Traditionally that is May 1st and that date will remain subject to the COVID-19 restrictions above. The North Well water has been turned on. Two important points;

FIRST – DO NOT DRINK THE WATER IF YOU ARE ON THE NORTH WELL UNTIL WE HAVE PASSED THE STATE INSPECTION THAT IT IS SAFE TO DRINK!!!!!!!  We will post that information as soon as we have passed that inspection and the water is safe to drink.

Second – It is each owners responsibility to hook up and turn on their own water supply. Please use caution when turning on to insure you don’t break a valve or water line. 

The first Board of Directors meeting is set for Thursday, May 14th at 8:30 AM, BUT it will be a Zoom Video meeting and there will not be any way for any owners to be present to participate in our normal opening “Owners Forum”. If you have any questions, complaints or comments that you would like raised at this meeting, please email or call me and I will assure you they will be addressed at that meeting and that I will get back to you with an answer on how the BOD will handle your issue or question.

The owners annual meeting is set for Saturday, June 27th at 9:00AM at the Nasewaupee Town Hall. You will receive detailed notice of this meeting well in advance with Voting Proxy, budget, etc. I have included a link to one form that requires some advance work if you would like to run for the Board of Directors. The Self Nomination link is also added below and needs to be completed and returned by May 30th if you would like to run for office. There are two positions up for election this next fiscal year – both a 3 year term. 

I believe that covers my Spring 2020 Newsletter. I wish it could be more positive and welcoming, but that does not seem to be the case during this extraordinary year. As always please contact me if you have questions, concerns, complements or complaints. In the meantime stay safe and healthy and I hope to see you at Hidden Ridge some time in early June.

Jim Lincoln
President – Hidden Ridge RCA
Email –
Cell – 224-406-6326