Winter 2020 Newsletter


TO : All Hidden Ridge RCA Owners
FROM : Jim Lincoln – Condo President
DATE : February 23, 2020
SUBJECT : Winter 2020 Newsletter

I hope this Winter 2020 Newsletter finds everyone in good health and doing well. I will bring you up to date on our major refurbishing and upgrade work to the pool and pool room. And I will add the “Spring Start-UP” reminders for all of you to be aware of as we we get ready about May 1st to start a new season at Hidden Ridge.

First and foremost, I am pleased to say that the major work on the pool and hot tub has been completed. The pool deck has been resurfaced and repaired. The walls to 8 foot have been sanded and varnished. The hot tub pumps and piping have been replaced and upgraded to meet Wisconsin Health codes The main water boiler heater has been replaced. New signage has been installed and the old pool cover reel has been removed. The sauna has had the walls varnished and the heater replaced. And finally the pool liner has been patched and repaired. This is the first time in 26 years that many of these items have been completed. I want to thank Board Member Jim Andres, John Hill of Hill Maintenance, Holland Painting of Sturgeon Bay and Protective Coatings of Appleton for their timely and quality work, and all within budget and estimates. I hope all owners take the opportunity to check out the work and enjoy the pool and hot tub. The project went about 10 days past the January deadline, but I believe it was well worth the extra time.

Our gate and clubhouse security system has now been upgraded to the most current version of Microsoft and the gate camera system is now operational along with the clubhouse and dumpster cameras. Thanks to Door Guard for their work.

Now to the reminders for the upcoming season;

– Construction requests will not be reviewed until May 1st, so please don’t expect to begin work immediately as it will take a week or two to review and present to Board of Directors for approval. Link to form is below.

– If you had a storage space last summer on the hill, please remember that if you want to guarantee that you will retain that space you MUST fill in a Storage Request form and send to Jim Grondin with full payment prior to April 1, 2020. After that date any remaining sites will be assigned on a First Come/First Serve basis. This is a new policy adopted by the Board of Directors last summer. Link to form is below.

– It is each owners responsibility to open their own units in the spring and turn on water service. The Condo Association is not responsible to do this on behalf of the owners. It is highly recommended that upon initial water turn on that you run a good amount of water through your sink, bath and toilets to make sure there are no clogs in your sewer pipes. Also, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER until you see a notice from the Board of Directors that our wells have passed inspection with the State of Wisconsin. The notice will be posted at the front gate, the clubhouse and will be sent via email to all owners.

– Finally, an appeal for all of you to again consider “volunteering” for any and all jobs and expertise you might be able to provide. Help with the annual meeting, landscaping, building requests, general maintenance and Board of Director 3 year terms. There are always 2 Board of Director seats available every year and the election of those people is at our annual meeting held in June. If you, or any other owner you would recommend, would like to run for a position, please complete and return the following form. Link to forms for Volunteer Help and Board Self Nomination are below. Please note that the standing gardening group that started up last summer will again meet on Monday mornings at 10 AM to provide plantings, cleanup and help throughout the park.

And a few last minute details.
 – The street lights that were brought to the BOD attention as being too bright have, once again, been changed to cast a smaller pattern and hopefully not reflect into the units. 
– Some asphalt patch was added to the gate entrance stopping area and will be looked at this spring once thawing has taken place to see if additional asphalt is needed.
– The first Board of Directors is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 9th at 8:30 AM at the clubhouse. All owners are welcome to attend. That is Mother’s Day weekend and it may move to another date. If so I will inform you as soon as a new date is set.

Despite being “closed for the season” this past fall and winter, it was a busy time for Hidden Ridge. Hopefully as we reopen in May it will prove to be fruitful for all the owners, their family and their friends. I look forward to seeing you all back in the Park in May. The Spring 2020 newsletter will be out in late May or early June. If I can answer any questions or you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at my phone or email. Please understand that I have had to adopt a policy of NOT answering an       “Unknown” caller, so please leave a voice mail and I will return your call, guaranteed.

Jim Lincoln
President – Hidden Ridge RCA
Email –
Cell – 224-406-6326