2019 Year End Update

TO:  All Hidden Ridge Owners 
FROM: Jim Lincoln – President Of The Owners Association
DATE:  December 15, 2019
SUBJECT:  Year End Update 2019

I wanted to send out an interim communication to all of you before the year end to bring you up to date on some issues we have been contending with at Hidden Ridge this late fall and early winter. I will be sending a full Winter Newsletter in late January or early February. I also wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and hope your New Year is healthy and prosperous.

On to the problems:

Since early November we have been battling two issues with the Hot Tub and an occasional issue with the pool. First, the hot tub circulation system has failed to provide the proper flow rate to meet Wisconsin State standards. We have been working with our 2 vendors and our maintenance service to fix the issue, but so far to no avail. We are hoping to have a solution shortly. Secondly, in late November we have had what has become a failure in the hot water boiler that heats water for the hot tub. We have contracted with our vendor, Synergy, to replace the boiler and do not have an estimated date for completion as yet. At the same time, we have had an occasional issue with the boiler for the swimming pool not heating the water to the 80 degree temperature we have it set for. Work, again, continues with our vendors to fix this issue. Needles to say this has been a frustrating fall for the board members that have almost daily been handling calls from the owners and trying to work with our vendors to rectify the various problems. A great deal of thanks goes to board member Jim Andres for his help. I would like to be able to say that we will have repairs made by the end of the year, but I am not confident that will be the case. Secondary to this is the scheduled major upgrade to the pool deck and pool walls the end of January. It is possible that this may have to be postponed until later in February or March. I will let you know on this possible reschedule as soon as we can determine when we will do this major project.

If you are planning to head to Hidden Ridge during the holidays for a winter getaway, please be aware that the hot tub and pool will be open, but may not be usable because of the temperature. The showers and bathrooms will remain open as will the clubhouse for your use.

Two other updates. First the heater in the sauna has been replaced and is working. Please make sure you DO NOT put water on the heater as it is and electric heater element and the water will cause it to fail. Secondly, the cameras are now installed and operational at the front gate and in the clubhouse.

Again I want to wish all of you a great holiday season and I really do appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the pool and hot tub issues this winter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns? We will try to provide timely updates on the Hidden Ridge Website, so please check there as needed.

Jim Lincoln
President-Hidden Ridge Condo Association
Email – jimllincoln@gmail.com
Cell – 224-406-6326