FINAL UPDATE: North Well Shutoff Early This Year

To: All Owners On The North Well At Hidden Ridge


Please Be Advised The Water From The North Well has been turned off!
Make sure you have your unit winterized to prevent your pipes from bursting.

This was necessary because the weather forecast is for a hard freeze in the Sturgeon Bay Area. Steve Neville of Quietwoods (our water system vendor) has advised us that the possibility of a freeze causing damage and breaking of the water pipes has caused him to drain and blow out all water lines feeding from the North Well. The Main Well (clubhouse) and the Hill Well will remain on, but owners will need to take precaution to insure their heater and units are heated so their water lines above the ground are protected from the freezing temps. The North Well has been shut down on Monday afternoon, October 27, and early Tuesday, October 29. Thanks for your understanding.

Jim Lincoln
President – Hidden Ridge BOD