Fall 2019 Newsletter

To: All Owners Of Hidden Ridge RCA

From: Jim Lincoln – BOD President

Date: October 22, 2019

Subject: Fall 2019 Fall and Season End Newsletter


As the last few days of the park being open come to an end it certainly seems to me that this 2019 season has gone all too quickly. Although the weather this fall has not been the best, there has been plenty of activity and a lot of new owners enjoying Sturgeon Bay and Door County. I hope all of you have had as good a season as my family has at our corner of Door County. Now to try to bring all of you up to date on the past three months since the annual meeting and the plans in the works for the winter off season:

  • New upgraded security cameras at front gate and clubhouse are installed and working.
  • New drinking fountain installed in pool area.
  • Hill well controller upgrade complete and additional repairs made to brine pipes which had cracked.
  • Clubhouse bathrooms have been painted thanks to the efforts of our Webmaster – Jim Clark. A big thank you to him for the painting and the continued running and updating of our website.
  • Joe Bartolone, our BOD Secretary has created a new and lengthy New Owner Orientation package that I would like all owners to read and be aware of. Joe is to be commended for all his work and expertise to consolidate all of our Hidden Ridge information in one document. The link is available on the HR Website. Please do take the time to read and review. Here is the link, http://hiddenridge.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Orientation-Guide.pdf
  • A policy change has been approved by the BOD regarding the storage area on the top of the hill. Instead of a first come, first served policy for a spot, if you currently have a spot for the summer season, you can retain that spot for the next summer season as long as you register and pay the fee at least one month before the start of that season. I hope that makes sense. An example would be; if you had a space for this summer and want it for next summer, if you pay and register by March 31, 2020 you will retain your spot. Any remaining spots will then be assigned on a first come, first served basis.
  • As mentioned in the Summer 2019 Newsletter the contract for resurfacing the pool deck this winter has been awarded to PC Coatings of Appleton. At the October BOD meeting we approved Holland Painting of Sturgeon Bay to sand and varnish the walls of the pool area in addition to refinishing 2 sets of windows in the community room and library. This means that the clubhouse will have the pool closed for almost 3 weeks – dates at this time set for Monday, January 13,2020 through Friday, Friday January 31,2020. Please mark your calendars accordingly.
  • Volunteer Needs This Winter !!! In early January we will need the help of some volunteers to remove all the pool furniture and hopefully store it in the community room. We also need volunteers to remove all of the signs and equipment on the walls of pool room, note there location for reinstallation and also store those in the community room. Once the pool room is complete we will need volunteers again to move all the furniture back in and put the signs and equipment back up. If you can assist in any way at either time please email me and I will forward it on to the BOD member that is going to head up this project in January.
  • Along with the volunteers needed for the Pool Room Project, we still need people to help and volunteer for all manner of tasks during the season. Landscaping, annual picnic, painting and minor maintenance and repair are just a few of the tasks we need help with. And please also consider running for the BOD. Elections are held at the annual meeting in the summer and new ideas and fresh approach are always needed. There are 2 openings for next year and there is a self nomination form on the website as well as a volunteer sign up form.
  • Our October 19th BOD meeting was very well attended, the most owners I can remember. Thanks to all that came. There were a number of issues voiced at that meeting that I will try to list here and make a pledge that the BOD will be acting and investigating and that I will respond in the near future with how we intend to handle the issues.

              1 – Pool and Hot Tub temperature and notice of them not being usable.

              2 – Street light brightness or in some cases not bright enough.

              3 – Quality of maintenance company cleaning of pool and

                    clubhouse and poor lawn mowing.

              4 – Asphalt repair at the front gate.

              5 – Length of time to get hot water in the showers.

              6 – Hot tub timer issues. and

              7 – Front gate opening remotes like a garage door opener.

  • Off season occupancy and individual unit shut down. Make sure you review the HR Policy that was mailed to you with your billing for the second quarter. Please remember that is is the sole responsibility of each owner to make certain that your water is drained and unit winterized so as to insure that the water pipes are either kept heated or blown out and RV Anti Freeze added. And please DO NOT let water run or “drip” thinking it will keep your pipes from freezing. This water drains into our holding tanks and then the Association has to pay to have it hauled to the sewage treatment facility in Sturgeon Bay.
  • A reminder that new construction starts are not allowed during the November 1 to April 30 Off season. Repairs and replacements are allowed during this time period as long as they do not add to the square footage footprint of your park model and current additions. Because of delays due to the weather the BOD understands that some allowance for extra time to complete an addition might be necessary. Please email me if that is needed?
  • Our fob and gate security system will be worked on by Quantum PC and Door Guard Security as the Microsoft 7 Operating system that it runs on will no longer be supported as of January 1, 2020.

I hope everyone has a great “Off Season” and look forward to seeing you in May.
Once the pool project is complete I will be sending a winter newsletter with updates and news on Hidden Ridge. Contact me if you have questions, concerns or need information.

Jim Lincoln

Hidden Ridge BOD President

Email – jimllincoln@gmail.com

Cell – 224-406-6326