Winter 2019 Newsletter

TO: All Hidden Ridge Owners

FROM: Jim Lincoln – HR BOD President

DATE: March 6, 2019

SUBJECT: Winter 2019 Newsletter – Hidden Ridge Condo Owners     Association

I would like to say that winter has come to a close at Hidden Ridge, but unfortunately that is not the case. As all the Wisconsin permanent residents can attest, the 79 plus inches of snow and bitterly cold temps have made for a challenging and very long winter in Sturgeon Bay. Hopefully by the time you receive this newsletter there will be some spring temps and weather in sight. That being said, on to reminders and some of the items that have been accomplished this winter.

  • The pool is now open after a longer than anticipated shut down. And the new ventilation fan is installed and operational in the pool mechanical room. We purchased a new pool cleaning robot as the one we had failed in January.
  • Snow removal has been a challenge this winter and we were forced to use a frontend loader to move the snow back in a number of places. Access to the clubhouse propane tank, mailboxes and dumpsters have been difficult to keep cleared.
  • A notice was sent out about excessive snow amounts on our units, particularly flat roofs. Lead time to have it removed by individual homeowners was very short. By the time the notice was sent, more snow and then colder temps arrived so removal was limited.
  • We will be implementing a new registration system for all golf carts in Hidden Ridge early in the spring. You will need to provide proof of insurance and to complete an application. Details to follow shortly after the first board meeting.
  • There were issues with excess condensation forming in the attic in the clubhouse. Repairs to the exhaust fans were made in addition to providing additional soffit ventilation. These corrected the problem.
  • Reminder – Jim Grondin has asked that you submit your storage area requests prior to May 1st– Make sure to include current proof of insurance, registration and contact information along with check for the storage fee. Forms are on the website. Also there is a black covered trailer in the storage area that does not belong there. Please let Jim know if you know who it might belong to?
  • Reminder – Annual meeting – SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, June 22nd.
  • Reminder – First Board of Directors meeting will be Sunday May 5th. All owners welcome to attend.
  • Reminder – Please check your contact information on the website and the Hidden Ridge Directory. We really need correct and current emails, off season addresses, cell phones, etc so we can keep our data base as current as possible and all owners informed as quickly as possible. Please email either Joe Bartalone ort Linda Wilson with your corrections and updates. The current directory is available on the Hidden Ridge Website.
  • Reminder – the Board is still looking for volunteers to help in a number of areas – please, PLEASE help us out. Contact any Board member to put your name in.
  • Reminder – from Propane Companies. With the high depths of snow, be advised that it is each owners responsibility to provide access to there propane tanks if you intend to have them filled or switched out during the winter. They will not shovel a path.
  • Reminder -If you are going to leave your water turned on during the winter, it is the owner’s responsibility to insure that it does not leak or run when you are not present. You MUST make sure faucets are off and heat is applied such that the pipes will not burst or freeze. There is an automatic $300.00 charge to the owner for letting water run and fill the holding tanks.
  • Reminder – DO NOT Use the water in the North Well for drinking until you see a notice that it has passed the necessary state inspections that will usually occur by May 15th.
  • Reminder – We will turn on the North Well water as soon as possible after April 1st that the weather will allow us to do without risk of a freeze. A notice will be posted when that is accomplished.
  • Reminder – If you are planning any additions, work or alterations to your unit, you must first fill out a Construction Request Form and submit it and receive Board approval BEFORE you start work.
  • Reminder – Hidden Ridge cannot be used as a year round residence, accept for a few “grandfathered in” owners. The season runs from May 1st to October 31st. You can stay in your unit for a very limited number of days per month form November 1st to April 30th. But you cannot live in the unit on a “permanent basis” during the off season.

I apologize for so many reminders, but I hope this will help all owners to get off to a great “Camping Season” this year.

I unfortunately have to close this Winter 2019 Hidden Ridge Newsletter with some bad news. One of our first owners here at Hidden Ridge passed away this past January. John Burrows was a fixture here at Hidden Ridge and his daily rides to the mailbox and back in his “Packer” golf cart will be sorely missed. To John’s wife, Yvonne, thanks for having such a great person as your spouse, and we hope you stay with us.

As always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to seeing you back in the Park this spring.


Jim Lincoln

President – Hidden Ridge Resort Condominium Association

Email –

Cell – 224-406-6326

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HR Newsletter-Winter 2019