Fall 2018 Newsletter

TO: All Hidden Ridge Owners

FROM: Jim Lincoln – HR BOD President

DATE: November 26, 2018

SUBJECT: Fall 2018 Newsletter – Hidden Ridge Condo Owners Association

I hope this newsletter finds all owners and their families in good health and spirits at their winter homes and looking forward to the holiday season. Hidden Ridge is, but for a very few residents, closed and pretty quiet. What follows is an update and brief description of what your Board of Directors has been and will be working on over the “off season”.

~ The new updated website, www.hiddenridge.org, is up and running and I personally think it looks and works fantastic. Check it out – please. All the owner information, forms, calendar, real estate listings, etc. are there and easily accessed (owner password has not changed). The Board wishes to thank Jim Clark for becoming our volunteer webmaster.

~ Upgrades and repairs to holding tanks as mentioned in the summer newsletter have been completed and trees and brush that are growing on top will be removed during the winter.

~ New replacement cameras and recording system will be installed this fall and spring for both the front gate and the clubhouse.

~ A new Wi-fi system was installed in the clubhouse that will accommodate the 100 MBPS now available from Spectrum/Charter. A new computer has been installed in office and Quantum PC of Sturgeon Bay contracted to provide software updates, service and cloud storage. We will be testing a new email program shortly, hopefully with this newsletter, to provide real time emails to all owners that have their emails on file.

~ New refrigerator installed in clubhouse.

~ Main clubhouse water shutoff valves replaced along with new deadbolts and lock sets for back doors to clubhouse.

~ Exhaust fan will be installed in the pool mechanical room to help cut down on heat buildup. Hot tub circulation pump was replaced in late October.

~ The preliminary quotes and proposals for resurfacing the pool/hot tub deck are still in the planning stages. We have been informed that we need an engineering assessment study to make sure we are compliant with state health and safety codes. That study should be completed by early December. Depending on the timing we may postpone this project until the winter of 2019/2020.

~ Even if the pool deck is not resurfaced this winter, the pool will be closed down for at least 1 week in February for normal draining, cleaning and routine maintenance. A general message will be posted and sent once the dates have been set for this pool closing.

~ North well shut down and draining of the water lines was completed by Quietwoods RV on November 2nd.

~ The Board of Directors has received the Reserve Study and will be analyzing it over the winter and provide all the owners an opportunity to view and comment on it in early spring.

~ A second plea to all owners to please SLOW DOWN and obey the 10 MPH speed limit. This seems to still be an issue even with the winter season upon us.

~ And the last item, the Board of Directors is looking for more volunteers to please step forward and put in a little time for Hidden Ridge. There is a new “Volunteer Sign Up Form” on the website. If you can help in anyway, please print it out and mail it in.

I hope all owners have a great holiday season and as always if you have questions, concerns and suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Jim Lincoln

President – Hidden Ridge Resort Condominium Association

Email – jimllincoln@gmail.com

Cell – 224-406-6326